Thursday, May 9, 2013

Be an expert of SEO with avowbd step by step part five

How to get backlink and a lot of traffic from Manta?

Manta is the best social site to get backlink and lots of traffic. If you use manta properly then you can see the result.

Enter here to start the journey.

A new page will open. Now you can be listed on Manta without any charge.

Here has a list which you have to fill. But, Manta support listed only from US, Canada and Australia. That means you can’t register if you are from outside of above three countries. Are you from outside of US, Canada and Australia? Don’t worried, everything has options. Here also has some option we will discuss on it now so that you also can register on Manta.

Let’s fill up the form as like bellow advice.

Country: Select United States
State: California
City: Riverside
Company Name: Your Site Name
Street Address: 5441 AVENIDA ENCINAS
Phone Number: 419-680-1980 (You have to change the number only last four deist)
Zip / Postal Code: 92008
What is your relationship to this company: Select I am the owner of this company.

Now click on Continue to Costomize Your Company Profile.
Now another page will open with a new form. Fill the form with your informations. Then click Continue.

A new page will open and a pop up window will come immediately and would request you to call a phone number as well as a reference code to verify your company listing. See bellow image for your easy understanding.

If you are from United States, Canada and Australia then call the number and complete your verification if you are from outside then simply click close.

After you register or close you can see another option as Named Products and Services you offer. Insert here your services and click Done. You can see bellow image for your easy understanding.

Almost registration process has compleded. Now you can edit your company profile with logo, webaddress, email address etc. If possible complete your profile to 80 %. However, you can edit your Product listing and service also see bellow image for your easy understanding.

However, elementary process has finished now we will create backlink and increase traffic. Let’s see.

Just click on Manta Left top side of the page. Then a page will open as like bellow.


Copy your post / article URL and paste at the place of above pictures (Your post / article URL here) then click on Post Update at the right. You have creades a backlink for your blog / site.

By the way, here have more interesting sharing options. You can share your site like to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Manta at a time. And it’s very easy to manage. Let’s see the process.
See carefully at the bellow image. You can see some social icon. Now click on Facebook icon then a popup window will come.

Fill the required and connect with facebook, twitter and Linkedin one by one.  Now share your post / article together with facebook, twitter, linkedin and manta. And see your visitors flow along with backling.

Anyway, it’s better to increase your followers. To get more followers you also have to follow others. So do what are better you think?

Thank you very much to stay with us. Now let us know your experience of Manta by comment bellow.                                                                

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