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Be an expert of SEO with avowbd step by step part four

Diigo, the brand name of popular social bookmaking site. Here has a lot’s of option to create backlink and increase traffic. Many of us can’t utilize Diigo for back linking and traffic increasing that’s why they can’t get the result.

Many of us didn’t know how to create backlink and increase traffic for web blog. They buy traffic and backlink from various suppliers. Believe it or not, most of them are fake. However, there is genuine supplier also.

I would like to tell you, no need to buy backlink and traffic for your web blog. You can do it easily if you know the technique. This is not so hard but very much effective because here you own making backlink for your web blog. This is very easy for you. Just see bellow. I also would like to tell more things but not now.

Let’s come to the point.

Right now go here.

You can see many options to join Diigo. Among them Sign in With Facebook, Twitter, Google and Yahoo are best. So, sign in with your Gmail by click on Sign in With Google. See bellow image for your easy understanding.

Well hope you have joined successfully into Diigo. Now we will see what is inside Diigo and how you create permanent unlimited backlink for your blog site as well as increase traffic.

When you login Diigo you can see a page just notice at the top of the page there has Tabs. My Library, My Network, My Groups, Community. However you can see bellow image for your easy understanding. We will know all of them one by one.

Just click on the community tab at the top of the page. You can see Hot Bookmarks from the Diigo Community. Just under of this line you can see some bookmark post as like bellow image.


Now click on any of the bookmark immediately a new page will open and scroll bottom then find the comment box. Now fill all information as Name, Email, Website, Comment etc. Anyway, never make any negative comment. Should keep your web address or post URL at the end of your comment. You can see a sample comment by AvowBd in the bellow image.


Thus you will get high quality permanent back link along with a lot’s visitors for your web blog. Now start increasing your backlink along with traffic for your web blog as much you want. Now see next stage.

My Groups:

Click on My Groups at the top tab. immediately a page will open. Find Create a new group and click on it. Another page will open.

Simply click on Create a new group. A new page will come. We have to complete two steps to create a group. Let’s create right now.

First Step:

Group Name: Write a name.
Group URL: Auto. No need to do anything.
Description: Give a details description of your group.
Category: Select a category of your group.
Who can view: Select anyone can view.
Searchable: Select list this group in search result.
How to join: Select Open – anyone can join.
Who can invite new members: Select all group members.

Now fill the captcha box and click on Create my group.

Second Step:

Here you can invite your friend or skip.

Well your group has created successfully. Now we will what’s inside it. Here has two nice option named Bookmark and Topic. By the way, you can use both of them to create your backlink. Let’s see one by one.


Click on Bookmark then a small box will come and ask you for URL. Enter the URL of your post for which you want to create backlink and click on Next.  Another box will come as like bellow image after you click on Next.

Now fill all fields as like bellow.
URL: Write here your post / site URL
Title: Write here your post title / site title
Comment: Write here a short description regarding your post / site
Tags: Use here your keyword. Then click on Post.


Click on Topic. A small box will appear on the page just as bellow image. Now fill all fields as like bellow:
Title: Your post / blog title.
Comment: Short description regarding the post / blog. Don’t forget to keep the URL of that post / blog at the end of your comment.
Tags: Keyword.
Now click on Post.


Task has done. Thus create high quality permanent backlink and increase visitors as much as you need for your web blog.

My Network:
Just click on My Network at the top. Here you can see updates from people that you choose to follow. Besides, from this section you can build friends’ lists to help you find good resources from people you trust and build your favorite network(s) accordingly.
To add people into your network here has three different ways.

Search Diigo users of interest
See if your friends are on Diigo
Invite friends
You can use both of them to increase your network.

Now we are going to discuss about the last stage of Diigo.

 My Library:

Click on My Library. You can see a page as like bellow image.
Click on Add+ then a dropdown menu will come, select New Bookmark from there.


When you click on New Bookmarks => A new page will open. Fill the box as like bellow advice.

URL:Your any post URL.
Title: The title of your post
Description: You can write a short description or keep blank
Tags: Write here your Keyword
Now tick mark Add to a list or keep blank
Tick mark Share to a Group and select your group or keep blank.

Now click on Add New Bookmark.

Task has done as well as here we have to finish for now. We think here has nothing more to discuss. Hope you can make permanent high page rank from now as well as can increase traffic for your web blog.

What do you think it is really a helpful article for you? So, why waiting let us know by comment bellow box.

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