Friday, May 3, 2013

Be an expert of SEO with avowbd step by step part two

Here we are going to discuss about site submission. Previously we shortly describe here about site submission. This is the part of that post as we promised to make a separate post on site submission.
There are thousands of search engine around us. Some of them are paid and some are free. You can use both of them to index your site quickly and to be first in search result. Some search engine required email confirmation and some did not require.

Let me have an example so that you can understand easily the importance of site submission. There is a big shop behind your house with full of goods but you did not know. On the other hand there is a small shop in front of your home but a little far. Now tell me which shop would you like to go for shopping? I guess the answer is the small shop. Because you didn’t know about the big shop though it was so close of your home as well as full of goods. Hope now you understand the advertisement is important for any business or site or organization. Site submission is as like an advertisement.

If you have a lot of article in your site but visitors can’t find that search engine then you can’t get visitors so much. By the way, if you start your site with big platform like blogger, weebly, wordpress etc. search engine are index them atomically. But it will take more than three month or more sometimes. So it is clear that you must have to submit site manually by own to index quickly.

Anyway, you may ask how many search engine I have to submit my site. I will say there is no limit to submit your site. You can submit as much as search engine possible. As much as you submit your site you will get best result.

However, now we will submit site to the top search engine.

Stay with us to be an expert of SEO.

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