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Welcome to our guest blogging.

Avow US is a blog site based on SEO, blogging tips and tricks, and social media tips, blog designing tips, traffic generation tips and blogging widgets, computer, mobile, internet, travel, Insurance, Cars, and so on.

In recent times Avow US is searching for guest writers who are able to write high quality articles. In exchange you will definitely get optimal return for the write, should keep a brief bio at the bottom part of each article you create. The bio will probably incorporate two or more do follow links (it will depend on your article quality and size) which are often selected by the guest author. However, once our admin think your articles quality is good then we will give you the authority to write our blog.

Benefits of guest blogging here:

You may know guest blogging can increase your website traffic as well as page rank. However, to create backlink and increase traffic you must need a dofollow blog.

  1. This is a dofollow blog so it must help you to reach your goal.
  2. You can put 2 links of your blog / web site in your each article. You can make easily backlink and traffic for your blog.

Here is an article by our new guest blogger. Hope this article sample should help you to write for us.

Article Writing Rules: You must have to follow bellow mentioned rules when write any article for guest blogging in Avow US.

  1. You should not heart anyone by writing.
  2. You should not use any copy paste content, image or other thing.
  3. You should not provide any tobacco, alcohol, pornography and arms related site link by article.
  4. You should not give any PTC or MLM site link by comment or article. Other wise we must consider you as a spammer as well as your given link.
  5. Don’t post any nudity or gambling content or link when submit article.
  6. Use related picture / image in your article.
  7. Use easy sentence when write article so that everyone can read easily.
  8. Must write article category and Title at the top of your article.
 Recommend category to write: We actually accept all categories article if it meets our Article Writing Rules, but we recommend you to write on bellow category.

Technology, Auto, Insurance, Finance, Computer, Mobile, Internet, Education, SEO, Travel, Blogging, Web design, Web Development and recent events.

Article Approval Process:

Articles approval process is very easy if you follow our Article Writing Rules at above.

  1. Submit your article.
  2. Admin will check.
  3. Published your article.

How to submit your article:

You can’t published your article directly by own. At first you have to send us the article at grabbani.dk@gmail.com Article must be sent attached with MS-Word file. Our Admin will check your article according to our Article Writing Rules and Category, and then if it fills our policy immediately your article will be published. However, if our admin think your article is unique and well then we will give you the authority to write then you can write article directly no need to sent us.

Please write bellow subject for every time when you sent us any article. Because every day we receive a lot’s of email. It will help us to identify your email easily.

Subject: [Guest Blogging] Article // Avow US

Thanks in advance. Avow US is looking ahead to your articles or blog posts. Explore blogging with us.

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