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Be an expert of SEO with avowbd step by step part three

As a blogger or SEO person you must need to know some thing otherwise you may suffer a lot. Many of us may buy backlink as well as traffic from various vendors. This is not good for your blog or website. Many of the vendor use automatic software to create backlink or increase traffic. Most search engine like Google, Bing is not support this way. Besides this is a temporary way to make backlink as well as increase traffic.

So, what is the genuine way to make backlink as along with increase traffic?

You have to make backlink manually. Only, hire that’s vendor who provides quality backlink along together traffic for your blog or site. You can ask them to provide you the backlink URL so that you can check yourself was it real or fack? By the way, the genuine and proper way to make permanent backlink and unlimited traffic for life long is do you own.

Notice: Many backlink along with traffic provider as well as SEO worker may not agree with me. I don’t care what about it. This post is not to heart anyone just to aware people about the fake provider. There are many real backlink and traffic provider around the world. You have to choose best one by you own.

Do you have a blog or website?

If you have any blog or website you must know the necessity of backlink and trarric. It doesn’t matter if you have no experience of SEO. Just stay with us we should make you and SEO expert. If you can’t that is your lake.

I can’t understand how to be an SEO expert?

Don’t worried, we are posting chain article regarding SEO. As this is not the first article so you have to read start from beginning. Just start from here. Hope you can understand.

Let’s come to the point. Here we are going to make permanent backlink along with trarric. Perhaps, you know there are thousand of free blogging platform around the world. You can use them to create your permanent backink along traffic. This is very effective system for SEO. Just apply for your blog or site then see the result. See bellow a lot’s of free blogging platform. Just browse and register then follow way.

As there are a lot of blogging platform so it is not possible to describe one by one. However, we will show you few exclusive way so that you can do the other task by own. Our job is to show you the way but you have to reach the destination. Let’s start right now.

This is the post popular and absolutely free along with easy blogging platform to create blog than make permanent backlink along with traffic. Here we will show you the total way to make backlink and traffic permanently.
Simply go here and make a blog with your gmail account.
Just click on New Blog.
A pop up window will come as like bellow image.
Title: Here write your blog name.
Address: Choose an address as you like.
Template: Choose any template as you like. Then click on create blog.

Your blog has created now it’s ready to make post. Go to Dashboard.
Click on Page => New Page and make some page like About Us, Contact Us etc.

Now we will make a post. This is the most important part.
Just click on New Post a page will open as like bellow image.
Now give a post title and write your article and put your site link at various relevant point and Publish.

Task has done successfully. Just wait for a week then check your back link.

This one also the popular and free blogging platform. Let’s see the way.
Just go here and Sign up with your facebook account.
Here I am writing very shortly. I think you may know all process regarding register.
Anyway, after register click on MY SITES then you will see as like bellow. Just click on Edit.

Now you can see a new page as like bellow image. Click on ADD PAGE and create some page if you want.

Again click on ADD PAGE and select Blog Page from the dropdown fill all information.
Then make a New Post and give title and put your article with link then Publish.

Hope now you can do your self the pending platform. Just register and create permanent backlink along with traffic as like above.

Did you find any problem? Let us know your expection by comment just right bellow comment box.

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