Monday, June 17, 2013

Homeowners Insurance Tips

Home insurance is the best protection that we can rely on when it comes to repair of damages and loss of our valuable investment particularly our beloved home if tragedy occurs. It is such a help for every homeowners' insurance holder to have their home repaired at no cost and no worries or whatsoever when they file a claim. However, filing a claim is not always easy as pie and not all claims are always granted due to necessary details that are always required by insurance companies.

Filing a home insurance claim should not be easy and should not take long as it is vital important that we report the incident no matter how minimal or enormous the damages in your house to make sure that there will be no problems when filing a claim and all evidence and supporting documents are still fresh and new. There are essential documents and information that most insurance companies require before granting a home insurance claim and it is discussed below.

Proper Documentation

Automatically, each home insurance policy holders need to provide a legal documentation of incident provided by the authorities to make sure that it has been reported properly in local authorities.

  • Police Report for burglarized - If your house has been trespassed and important or valuable content in your house were stolen purposely, you need to report it right away and do not forget to request a policy incident report as it is one of the requirements in claiming in insurance to avoid false claim.
  • List all the damaged or stolen items in your house - It is necessary that you have an inventory report of your own personal properties to make sure that every single item in your house will be replaced or repaired by your home insurance provider.
  • Cause of damages - Identify the cause of the damages in your house; whether it has been burglarized or hit by typhoon or flash flood and to know how you are going to prepare to negation with your home insurance policy holder.

Provide detailed information (photos, exact time, date and place of incident)

Insurance companies are always looking for every detailed report to identify how much they are going to cover in a claim. They also conduct their own inspection or investigation to make sure that there is no false claim going on between you and the company since they are extremely strict in every possibilities.
  • Clear and high quality images - Providing high quality images should not be a problem since everyone is capable of using high quality products such as digital cameras, smart phones and even tablet PC! You just need to capture the critical part of the damage and relevant images to support your claim.
  • Location and time of occurrence - To ensure that your claim is not to be identified a fraud claim, you also need to look at the place, time and date of incident. Every single detail in filing insurance claim is imperative and we cant afford to lose one as it might be the reason of possible rejection.
Review your insurance contract once again to be prepared if your agent attempts to reject your claim
  • · Be well aware of your contract once more (understand the scope of your coverage) - Before you contact your home insurance agent for a possible claim, you must ensure that you fully understand your coverage and aware of the possible questions of your agent that may rise during the claim procedure.
  • · Think ahead of the possible questions/investigations by your agent - Once you reviewed the coverage of your insurance and assuming that you fully understand your home insurance policy, you must predict the possible questions that will be asking by your agent to ensure that you won't fall to their tricks of identifying you a potential fraud claimer.
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Once you have gathered, provided all the necessary and relevant information to be presented to your agent that will help them process your claim quickly, it is going to be easy for them to identify much expenses you will need to repair, replace or renovate your home and you should not experience any difficulties throughout the home insurance claim process.

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