Friday, June 7, 2013

Car Insurance Without a License?

Can I Insure a Car Without a License?

Many people ask whether or not they are able to insure a car when they do not have a drivers' license.  However, there is not black and white answer to the question.  Rather, it depends on the reason or reasons WHY you do not currently have a license.  Typically, people need to insure a car without a license for 3 primary reasons:

  1. They have had their license revoked or suspended due to a DUI or serious moving violation of some kind.
  2. They have not yet earned their license for whatever reason. 
  3. Their license has expired and needs to be renewed.  

Let's look at each case in more detail.

Revoked or Suspended Licenses

If your drivers' license has been taken away due for punitive reasons, such as:
  • Driving Under The Influence
  • Reckless Driving
  • Racing / Vehicular Manslaughter
...then you may be unable to insure a car.  Why not?  Because auto insurers will tend to see you as a very high-risk driver to insure.
Expired or Licenses Yet To Be Earned

If your license has merely expired because you missed the renewal date, or if you have not yet earned your license, then you can typically still insure your vehicle.  However, you will probably have to show proof of having gotten your license (or gotten it renewed) to the insurer within 30 or 45 days of when your coverage begins. If you fail to do so, your policy will be canceled, your vehicle will be uninsured, and you will be just where you started.

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As an alternative, some insurers offer a physical damage only policies for vehicles which are not driven.  These do not include liability coverage, which is required in virtually all US states.  The purpose of such a policy is to provide protection against damage incurred to a non-driven vehicle. 

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